Alph is no longer for sale.

I am afraid revenue generated from Alph has not proven to be sufficient to justify its continued sale. I greatly appreciate the support of the folks who have purchased Alph in the past and hope that it will continue to serve you well in the future.

This and related pages will be maintained for archival purposes only.


Alph Example Cases

This page hosts what will hopefully be a growing list of example cases for Alph. If you have one that you would be willing to share, please contact me.

Each of the links in the Case column below will take you to a page of text, which will usually have a brief description, followed by a bunch of gibberish. If you are browsing on you iPhone, simply tap and hold on that page to bring up the select options and then Select All, and Copy. Switch to Alph and on the Case page select Load Case and tap the Load from Paste Board button. The case should load into Alph.

Alph examples:

Model Examples
The Model tool allows complex calculations to be encapsulated in their own information flow diagram. The first example uses models to represent the gas/gas exchanger and refrigeration units of the tutorial example. The second extends this to nested models and the third show yet another variation. See the more detailed description.
Model Library This is a starting point for a collection of models that you might copy and paste into other cases.
Hydrate Uses the Hydrate Tool and the Copy Tool to determine how much ethylene glycol is required to reduce a wet gas stream's hydrate temperature to desired value. See the more detailed description.
Reaction Illustrates how Alph can be used to do a simple conversion reaction calculation, specifically the burning of methane in air to determine an adiabatic flame temperature. See the more detailed description.
Case Study Tool Illustrates a basic use of the Case Study Tool. See the more detailed description.
Propane Refrigeration Compares the power required for a single stage propane refrigeration loop, versus that for a two stage system with a flash drum economizer. See the more detailed description.
Turbo Expander Demonstrates the use of a turbo expander to cryogenically recover ethane from a natural gas feed. See the more detailed description.
Hysim 1.0 IlThis is really just an exercise in nostalgia on my part, by using Alph to recreate the example from the manual for the 1980 release of Hysim 1.0. See the more detailed description.
Natural Gas Liquefaction An adaption of the VMGSim lng example. See the more detailed description.